Fisher, Moore, Lush and Lombardo family pictures

These pictures were given to me by my mom. They are of our family, and are mostly from the period of ther late 1800s through about 1970. Grace Irene Fisher (Moore) is my father's (Jack Fisher) mother. Raymond Stanley Fisher is his father. Catherine Lombardo (Lush) is my mother's mother. Dominic Lombardo is her father. Click on the TREE for the whole damn thing :D


Fisher Family Tree


Ronald & Joseph Lombardo


Ronald & Joseph Lombardo


Ronnie, Pop-pop, Ronald, Francis, Dolores, Mary Lombardo


Ruth Lush?


Ruth Lush


Sam, Annie, Gram Moore, Dad Florida


Tim & Annie


Tom Lush - Korean War


Tom Lush - Marines


Tom Lush


Tootie Fisher


Annie & Dad Florida


Aunt Francis Lombardo


Aunt Jean & mom


Aunt Jean


Boonie & Annie Florida


Boonie & Gram Florida


Cass confirmation 3rd from left


Cass Lush, Ruth (maybe), and Frances Lombardo


Cass wedding


Cass, Francis, Mary Lombardo, Jean & Ronnie Lush


Cass, Jean, Dolores, Francy, Katie, Mary & Olga Lombardo


Catherine Lombardo, mom & Guy


Clara, Jean & Linda Lush


Dad @ George Moore farm Vinemont


Dad, Annie & Sam Moore Florida


Dad @ house on Lancaster Ave. Shillington


Dolly & Cindy Lush


Dolly Bortz Lush


Dolores Lombardo


Dominic & Catherine Lombardo wedding


Dominic & Josephine Lombardo


Dominic Bernardo & Mom-mom


Eddie, Dolores, Ronnie, Katie Lombardo


Edward Lombardo


Foxy softball team (dad L & Bobby R in front row)




Frank Lush, Cass & Ronald Lush


My great-great grandparents (which ones?), Italy


George Lightcap & Clara Lush


Helen & Tootie


Helen FIsher, son John, Foxy


Helen, Cancade, Les & Foxy


Jack Fisher & John Bitling


Janice Joey & Brenda Lombardo


Jean & John Lush


Jean & Tom Lush


Jean Lush


Jean Moore wedding, husb. Danny Crowther, Dad, & Minnie in Minnie's Flivver


Jim Moore, Minnie, Annie & Gram


Jim, Kathy, Minnie, Jan, Annie, Gram Moore, Mom, Dad


Joe & Dominic Lombardo


Joe & Olga Lombardo


Joe Lombardo, Dominic Bernardo, Ralph Lombardo, Rodney Lombardo, Eddie Lombardo, Pop-pop Lombardo, Ronnie Lombardo


John Lush - Army


John Lush - Sicily WWII


John Lush


Joseph & Josephine Lombardo


Joseph Lombardo


Edward Lombardo


Joseph, Cass, & Josephine Lombardo


Joseph, Dominic & Katie Lombardo


Josephine Lombardo


Lester Fisher


Lester, Murvey & Levi Fisher


Levi Fisher


Lori, Gram & Tim


Margaret, Janice & Guy Lombardo


Guess who?


Minnie & Dad @ George Moore's farm


Minnie & Lori Fisher


Mom-mom & pop-pop




Murvey Boyer & Bobby Fisher (?)


Olga, Richard, Rodney, Ralph, Brenda, mom-mom, Lydia & Janice


Pop-pop & mom-mom


Pop-pop Army




Pop-pop Army, Boca Raton, Forida


Pop-pop, Murvey, Arlene, Foxy 1986


Richard Brown, Ralph Pip Lush, Brenda, Ralph Jr., Pop-pop, Joey, Janice, Guy Lombardo


Pop-pop, Richard & Jean




Ralph & Ralph Jr


Ralph & Ralph Jr

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