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NARG - North American Research Group fossil club, Hillsboro, OR

Private membership club for rock, gem, gold, fossil, artifact, and treasure hunters, related clubs and organizations.


Mark's Flintknapping Page

McRocks Field trip reports & discussion forums

Richardson's Rock Ranch

Roger Pabian's Agate Page - outstanding!

Bill Tompkins' EXCELLENT Oregon and Washington mineral collecting sites

Bob Jackson's Geology Adventures

British Columbia Lapidary Society

Burgess Shale Fossils

Dust Devil Mine - SUNSTONES!

Elllensburg Blue Agate

Emerald Creek Star Garnets

Everett WA Rock & Gem Club

Fossil Cartel - the best local rockshop in PDX!

Fossil Sites by Country & State

French Association of Micromineralogy

Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show Calendar

The Geode Gallery

Geology Search Engine

This used to point to Guy Hammer's Home Page. He passed away on 9/14/03. We will miss a great off-roader, geo-cacher, lapidary, mineral collector, and friend. :(

Ken's Flourescent Minerals

Lanny Ream Publishing - Mineral News - WA MT ID Collecting Sites

Lortone Equipment

Lucky Strike Mine

Marysville WA Rock & Gem Club

Paleo Hunter Knapping Site

Plant Fossils of West Virginia

Rockhounds Information Page

Southeast Federation of Mineral Societies

The Tarp knapping message board

The Virtual Quarry

Warfield Fossil Quarry, Kemmerer WY

Washington State Mineral Council

West Coast Mining - Polka Dot, Opal Butte, Amethyst Sage, Owyhee jasper

White Nights Co. - Russian Rocks

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