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Silicon Carbide Grit

I have way more grit that I can use so my surplus is your (big time) bargain! (these are all I have, if I come across more grits I will add them)

The typical prices below are from online discount suppliers. I have also seen incredible prices for grit online (double or triple these!). I think that retail lapidary suppliers are ripping people off left and right. I won't even list those prices since I think they are flat out ridiculous. CLICK THE CART BUTTON TO ORDER THROUGH PAYPAL. SOLD OUT means I HAVE NONE. Please do not click on the Cart button if the Available Quantity says SOLD OUT

Grit Size (Mesh #)

DISCOUNT Online Price per 1 lb. & per 10 lb.

My Price for 1 Lb.

My Price for 10 Lb.

Pounds Available

220# GRADED (this is graded grit, NOT 120/220# which is only suitable for tumblers and causes scratching with sphere machines and flat laps!) $3.25 / $18.00 $2.60  align= $14.50  align= 50
400# GRADED (can be used in tumblers, sphere machines, flat laps, etc.) $4.50 / $33.00 $3.60  align= $27.00  align= 50
500#F (this is ungraded grit, i.e., 500# and finer, which is only suitable for tumblers!) $6.15 / $50.00 $4.90  align= $40.00  align= 20



SOLD OUT means I HAVE NONE. Please do not click on the Cart button if the Available Quantity says SOLD OUT. (Note: I often have slabs of material long after I have sold out of rough, so ask about slabs if the material says Sold Out). Please note the sizes of eggs - if it says large eggs then ordering 1 pound isn't going to be possible! Slabs are sold by the square inch. For example, a 4"x4" slab is 16 square inches.




Price per lb. Price Slabbed per sq."

Avail. Qty. (lbs.)

Alex McDonald Ranch very rare; mossy cave scenes

Ashwood, OR 2-4" $1.00 $0.30 Sold Out

Blue Moon Bed (now on the R2 Ranch; closed to collecting). Strange mossy opal and agate patterns in a clear agate. Not many were ever dug.

Ashwood, OR 3-8"   $0.40 1 cut half

Desolation Canyon(now in Mill Creek Wilderness) mined 1960s & 70s. Unique moss and other patterns in clear agate .

Ochoco Mtns., OR
$3.50 $0.40 Sold Out

Fallen Tree Claim Varied agate patterns, zeolite minerals, some opal. Very unique and rare.

Ochoco Mtns., OR 2-5" $1.50 $0.35 Sold Out

Friend Ranch bed Darkish blue/black patterns in a dark agate, reminiscent of Montana agate; unusual patterns, also make awesome cabs. Bed now closed (R.I.P. Darrell Friend 1949-2009; you were a generous man and a good friend to many).

Ashwood, OR 4-6" $3.00 $0.40 A few cut halves

Jackrabbit Spring  UV florescent, hollow chalcedony eggs; nice specimens.

Owyhee Co., ID
$3.00 N/A

Lucky Strike mine Very cool & varied colorful agate patterns

Ochoco Mtns., OR 3-8" $3.00 $0.40 90

McDermitt (Quinn River "Blue Ridge Claim"; smaller eggs, patterns in clear agate, with rare red plumes) mined 1960s & 70s; rare.

Malheur Co., OR
$2.00 $0.35 align= 60

McDermitt (Quinn River "Mackintosh Claim"; smaller eggs, patterns in clear agate with rare red plumes) mined 1960s & 70s; rare.

Malheur Co., OR
$2.00 $0.35 align= 60

McDermitt (Cottonwood Creek new bed (discovered by ME LOL); highly variable agater/jasper eggs.

Malheur Co., OR
$2.00 $0.35 align= 65

McDermitt aka Quinn River "Middle Bed"(snakelike or patterned blue agate centers w/ gold ring); mined 1960s & 70s; rare.

Malheur Co., OR
$2.00 $0.35 align= 120

New Supply! Alex Mcdonald Green Eggs 'n' Ham bed (Either stable BRIGHT green opaque opal or agate centers)

Ashwood, OR 2-3 " $2.00 $0.35 50

New Supply! Buchanan (former Desert Dog Mines claim; now closed to collecting)

Malheur Co., OR 2-4"
$4.00 $0.40 60

Ochoco Agate Beds Unusual, varied agate patterns; rare

Ochoco Mtns., OR 2-6" $1.50 $0.35 Sold Out

Ochs Ranch Pony Creek Moss bed Brown, tan, red, golden moss and white blobs in a clear agate. many are hollow with botryoidal agate inside, these are great for display. Awesome mossy scenes!

Ashwood, OR 2-6" $3.00 $0.40 37

OLD Buchanan (different pit; also closed to collecting)

Malheur Co., OR 3-6"
$4.00 $0.40 50 + 3 lg. eggs (40 lb.)

Pony Butte bed (aka Lawson or Gullickson Bed) Mostly agate and a lot like Blue Bed eggs only more moss; occasional red & rare precious opal; I have found a Priday Plume egg here.

Richardson Ranch, OR 3-6" $3.00 $0.40 50

Priday Blue bed These are the standard that all other thundereggs strive to acheive! Scenic blue/black/white/red eggs, some moss, opal (stable - does not crack). Simply the best, baby!

Richardson Ranch, OR 3-6" $2.50 $0.35 300

Priday Flat Bed (I cut TWO with Priday Plume hereout of about 10 lbs.!)! Agate and stable opal eggs; cut these along the flat side for the best chance of plumes.

Richardson Ranch, OR 2-4" $5.00 N/A 40

Priday Moss Bed Spectacular red/orange/gold/green/brown moss and plumey stringers. The best moss agate eggs there are. Awesome cabs!

Richardson Ranch, OR 2-4" $5.00 $0.45 350

Priday No. 2 Bed Very rarely available large to GIANT eggs; thick agate centers; moss, blue/clear/white "clouds" VERY NICE EGGS!

Richardson Ranch, OR 5-12 " $3.00 align= $0.40 100s

Priday No. 5 Bed Very rarely available small egg masses with zeolite minerals clinoptilolite (largest in North America!), mordenite, natrolite (for you mineral collectors!); very rare. A pound gets you a lot of specimens

Richardson Ranch, OR 3/4-2" $10.00 align= N/A 50

Priday Plume bed I am the Exclusive Online Supplier of these "Flower Garden plume" type eggs, graded for the best plume agate potential by John Richardson and dug by the late Howard Dolph. Closed to collecting for 20 years.

Richardson Ranch, OR 1-4" $5.00 align= N/A 100s

Priday Red bed If you want something a little different...nice red moss, scenic, agate, occasional hard red opal/agate eggs.

Richardson Ranch, OR 3-6" $2.50 $0.35 80

Priday Opal Bed (for the faceters, these are the ones you want. If you aren't a faceter, you will still like them) Usually stable jelly to translucent blue, reddish, or mossy opal. Nice cabs and coveted for faceting.

Richardson Ranch, OR 1/2-3" $4.00 N/A 120

Radford ClaimDitto!

Ochoco Mtns., OR 2-4" $1.50 $0.35 Sold Out

Secret Ridge Old Stock mined 1960s by Paul Colburn "The Geode Kid"; also closed to collecting

Malheur Co., OR
$3.00 $0.40 100

Stringer Claim Very hard to find agate eggs :(

Ochoco Mtns., OR 2-6" $0.60 $0.30 Sold Out

Succor Creek Occasional blue opaque opal (stable) but mostly agate scenes & "clouds"

Malheur Co., OR 2-6" $1.50 $0.35 150

TNT Bed TNT for Tim 'n' Terry Ensell, we opened up this bed bed. Small "thundernuts" with crystal or agate centers; red line around center, very few faint purple (not amethyst); rare.

Ochoco Mtns., OR
$2.00 N/A 45

Valley View mine Unusual white/light blue/greenish agate bands and patterns. Cut these across the "equator" for watercolor type scenes.

Ochoco Mtns., OR 3-7" $3.00 $0.40 80 + 3 giant eggs (90 lbs.)

Whistler Spring Rareish darkish blueish agateish LOL!

Ochoco Mtns., OR 1-4" $1.50 $0.35 Sold Out

White Fir Spring The best jasper eggs in the world! Cool tan, golden yellow, dark purple, light red patterns in a creamy white background.

Ochoco Mtns., OR 3-7+" $2.50 $0.35 110 lbs. some giant eggs


Please note: I have a minimum order of $25 before S&H charges

Agate and Jasper

SOLD OUT means I HAVE NONE. Please do not click on the Cart button if the Available Quantity says SOLD OUT. Please note the sizes of the material - if it says large pieces then ordering 1 pound isn't going to be possible! Slabs are sold by the square inch. For example, a 4"x4" slab is 16 square inches.


Location Price
per sq. " @3/16"
Available Qty.
Slabs Avail.?

Bacon Agate

Mexico $2.00 $0.35 5

Bear Creek Moss Agate white/blueish-green moss

Crook Co., OR $2.00 $0.35 15 tumbling

Biggs Windowed Picture Jasper

Biggs, OR $8.00 $0.55 Sold Out Sold Out

Biggs Picture Jasper

Biggs, OR $4.00 $0.40

Sold Out


Blue Mountain Picture Jasper (no orbs showing )

McDermitt, OR
$8.00 $0.55 Sold Out YES

Blue Mustang Picture Jasper Very unusual reddish to rust, blueish, black patterns on a cream to brown background; rare

Malheur Co., OR $3.00 $0.40 40 + 1 25 lb. piece)

Brazilian Agate Nodules (old stock mined over 30 yrs. ago)

Brazil $5.00 $0.45 20 YES

Bruneau Jasper

Bruneau River, ID $15.00 $0.80 Sold Out Sold Out

Bruneau Jasper (small pcs. mostly tumbling size)

Bruneau River, ID $5.00 N/A 10 N/A

Burnt Ranch Jasp-agate Golden brown patterns in clear to milky white agate; extremely rare

Wheeler Co., OR $2.50 $0.35 70 (3 lg. pcs.)

Chicken Track Picture Rock Wonderstone type material; takes a good polish

McDermitt, OR $2.50 $0.35 Sold Out

Chief Paulina agate Unusual brown/yellow/red jasper patterns in agate with polka dots in some pieces

Ashwood, OR $1.50 $0.35 15 YES

Crazy Lace agate

Mexico $3.00 $0.40 Sold Out

Cripple Creek Picture Jasper Dense dark brown lines and patterns on a slate colored background; rare

Malheur Co., OR $4.00 $0.40 60 YES

Deschutes Canyon Picture Jasper

Biggs, OR $8.00 $0.55 Sold Out Sold Out

Fulton Canyon Picture Jasper Mine Run

Biggs, OR $0.50 $0.30 50 YES

Graveyard Point
Regency Rose Plume Agate
Classic yellow to pink plumes in clear agate

Graveyard Point, OR $5.00 $0.45 400+ (some giant blocks) YES

Graveyard Point
Multicolored Tube and Plume Agate
Tubes and plumes in various colors in clear agate

Graveyard Point, OR $5.00 $0.45 150 YES

Graveyard Point Black Plume Agate Marcasite plumes (stable) in whiteish milky agate; rare

Graveyard Point, OR $3.50 $0.40 10 (1 pc.) YES

India Green Moss Agate Green moss on a white/clear background

India $2.50 $0.35 5

Little Trout Agate very dense green/red/dark yellow moss agate, I have seen killer carvings of this stuff. Ranch is now closed to collecting.

Ashwood, OR $3.00 $0.40 50 YES

Marston jasp-agate aka "Christmas Jasper" (don't ask me why lol). Nice swirls of color in clear agate or swirled jasper patterns

Ashwood, OR $4.50 $0.45 200 (large pieces!) YES

Maury Mtn. Moss Agate Classic red/yellow/brown/green dense moss agate

Crook Co., OR $3.00 $0.40 80 some lg. pcs. YES

McDermitt "Sagenite" Agate Clear sagenite patterns in milky white, light blue, reddish agate

Malheur Co,. OR $2.50 N/A Sold Out Sold Out

McDonald Ranch Yellow Moss Agate Unusual dense moss; very rare

Ashwood, OR $2.00 $0.35 65

McDonald angelwing agate Awesome white angelwing plumes, feathery white/yellow plumes, or white cauliflower plumes in translucent blue agate. This is amazing stuff! (another pic) (and one more)

Ashwood, OR $5.00 $0.45 50 & GOING FAST! YES

McDonald jasp-agate Unusual brown/yellow/red jasper patterns in agate with polka dots in some pieces

Ashwood, OR $1.50 $0.35 40 YES

Milepost 40 Agate White "clouds" and greenish patterns; very rare

Ochocos, OR $1.50 $0.35 75

Montana Moss Agate The classic black dendrites and blobs in  in clear agate

Yellowstone R., MT $6.00 $0.50 15 YES

Disaster Peak Picture Jasper New Supply! Hard wonderstone; takes a good polish

Malheur Co., OR $4.00 $0.40 150

Priday Polka Dot agate New Supply! I guarantee each piece has polka dots; usually brown to dark brown dots in a milky to blue agate with red/brown/yellow patterns

Ashwood, OR $4.00 $0.40 80 YES

Gary Green Jasper New Supply! Layered blue to blue/green to green jasper; some pits but very cool patterns

Malheur Co., OR $3.00 $0.40 50

Ochs Pony Creek moss agate (same as Pony Creek thundereggs). Very nice mossy scenes in clear agate

Ashwood, OR $2.50 $0.35 37 YES

Owyhee Picture Jasper (thin pieces) rust colored pattern on a buckskin colored background

Malheur Co., OR $5.00 $0.45 10 YES

Owyhee Picture Jasper Select Grade, this is the best of the current supply from the owner. Very interesting scenes.

Malheur Co., OR $12.00 $0.70 15 YES

Pink Rhodonite

Hill 60, Vancouver
Island, BC
$10.00 $0.65 Sold Out

Priday "Blue Ice" Polka Dot agate Polka dot "snowballs" in a translucent blue agate; the best of the pit

Ashwood, OR $6.00 $0.50 Sold Out
Sold Out

Rufus "Biggs" Picture Jasper(Pat Beers' quarry; looks like Deschutes PJ). Not often sold in the rough and this is the highest grade there is.

Rufus, OR $20.00 $1.00

12 (2 pieces)


Salt 'n' Pepper agate Translucent milky agate with black dendrite dots (good for spheres); very rare

SW Washington $1.50 $0.35 110 YES

Sheep Creek Plume Agate Black to brown plumes in a milky white agate. Now part of the deceased tire magnate Les Schwab's Ranch and closed to entry; rare

Crook Co., OR $3.00 $0.40 125 (some lg. pieces!)

Snakeskin Agate Clear agate with a pillowy white coating. Tumble this for a very unique look!

Harney Co., OR $1.50 N/A 20 N/A

Succor Creek Picture Jasper Aka "Kitty Litter" jasper. Nice brown to tan pattern on a slate blue background; rare (another pic)

Malheur Co., OR $3.00 $0.40 200 + some giant blocks YES

Sunflower Flat jasp-agate (mostly nodules) collected 1960s; now on an Indian Reservation and closed to all entry; very rare

Warm Springs Res. (closed) $2.50 $0.35 75

Wascoite Jasp-agate Cream w/ brown, mostly opaque

Wasco, OR $1.50 $0.35 40 (1 pc.) + 5

Wildhorse Picture Jasper Classic dark yellow to rust colored patterns in a blue to slate colored background. Hand graded for the best patterns.

Malheur Co., OR $7.50 $0.55 160 YES


Note: Slabs are almost always 3/16" to 5/16" thick. Ask about large material for spheres!



Please note: I have a minimum order of $25 before S&H charges

Petrified Wood

SOLD OUT means I HAVE NONE. Please do not click on the Cart button if the Available Quantity says SOLD OUT. Please note the sizes of the material - if it says large pieces then ordering 1 pound isn't going to be possible! Slabs are sold by the square inch. For example, a 4"x4" slab is 16 square inches.



Price Rough per pound

per sq. " @ 3/16"
Available Quantity
Slabs Avail.?

Arizona Petrified Forest Classic colorful agate wood; fractures are common in all this wood but these are better than average, since I hand picked them from a shop in Winslow.

Winslow, AZ $2.50 $0.35 200 Top quality!

Bear Creek Wood New Supply! Classis black, grey and other agate colors with ligt blue agate intrusions.

Crook Co., OR $1.50 $0.35 50 + 20 tumbling YES

Blue Forest Wood Strage brown to dark brown giant vines in a petrified algae rind, blue agate rind around wood.

Kemmerer, WY Sold Out $0.35 Sold Out
Sold Out

Friend Ranch Wood Very rare (I am one of two people who have even seen it besides the ranchers and his family). Unusual hard opal and agate patterns. Ranch closed to collecting.

Ashwood, OR $1.50 $0.35 10 YES

Hampton Buttes green wood Very rare colors for wood, green to blue-green agate in clear agate background, occasional wood patterns but mostly replacement or casts

Hampton, OR $2.50 $0.35 40 Sold Out

 McDermitt Limbs (another pic) Beautiful brown to dark brown grained limbs with a white calcite coating (comes off; soak in muriatic acid). Suitable for cutting, tumbling or as unique specimens.

McDermitt, OR $4.00 N/A 70 N/A

 McDermitt Wood Turner Ranch "red limbs" hard agate or opal. Great for specimens or tumbling.

McDermitt, OR $3.00 N/A 10 N/A

McDonald Ranch Wood Extremely hard Metasequoia wood, mostly agate and some hard opal chunks and small logs, creamy white/brown/tan/buckskin and other colors. Many have tight "herringbone" grain.  (another pic)

Ashwood, OR $3.00 $0.40 60 lg. pieces! YES

Merritt Wood (agate + opalized limbs); very rare

Merritt, NV $1.50 N/A 45 N /A

Paulina Limb Casts milky white, light green, light blue agate casts of small limbs and wood chips; great for tumbling or specimens; rare black dendrites

Crook Co., OR $2.00 N/A 5 N/A

Rodgers Mtn. Wood Creamy white/tan/brown agate driftwood chunks, some opal

Linn Co., OR $1.50 $0.35 100 YES

Saddle Mtn. Wood Classic conifers; hard opal and agate limbs, roots, and chunks, some "scenic" wood.

Mattawa, WA $2.00 $0.35 100 + 100 lg. pcs. YES

Stinkingwater Golden Oak The best golden oak wood I have ever seen, tight grained and extremely hard

Stinkingwater Pass, OR
$3.00 Sold Out 25 (1 piece)
Sold Out

Swartz Canyon Wood Rare agate or hard opal wood collected 1950s, no longer available. Buckskin, brown, tan colors. Very hard agate. Probably a pine with large growth rings.

Prineville, OR $3.00 $0.40 80 YES

Wildhorse Wood; rarely collected locality

Wildhorse, NV $1.50 $0.35 80 YES

Willow Creek Wood; rarely collecetd locality

Willow Cr., NV $1.50 $0.35 60 YES


Gemstones and Carving Material



Quality/ Grade


Available Quantity

Arizona Fire Agate

Deer Cr., AZ
$1.50 /oz.

Mexican Fire Agate

Various mines
$10.00 /oz.

Oregon sunstone

Dust Devil Mine, OR
Carving/ Cabbing/ Faceting/ Tumbling
my selection

Umpqua travertine

Umpqua River, OR


35 lbs.

Please note: I have a minimum order of $25 before S&H charges





Price Each

Available Quantity

Crabs (Pulalius vulgaris and Carinaranina) SW WA & NE OR
1-1/2 - 3" across - cracked to show crab, you prepare (HARD matrix! I suggest a Chicago Pneumatic, Acro, or PaleoTools air scribe)  I guarantee a crab is in each concretion; I do not know how "nice" it is! $25.00 Many

Fossil Lake Fish

Kemmerer, WY
1 - <2"
$7.50 Sold Out
2 - 4"
$15.00 A few!
4 - 6"
$25.00 Sold Out
Diplomystus 2 - <4" $25.00 A few
4 - 6"
Sold Out

Marine Fossil Plates (turritella, other snails, and clams)

Coal Creek, WA
Small (1-2" across)
$2.00 Many
Large (4-5" across) $8.00 Many
Medium (2-4" across) $4.00 Many
Large (4-5" across) $8.00

Pectin (scallop relative)

Coos Bay, OR
3-4" across; whole or parts of edges missing; you prepare (easy, use water & a toothbrush)
$5.00 40

Salmon Creek "coprolite" (looks like petrified poop!)

Salmon Cr., WA
Not really poop but looks cool! $5.00 /lb. 25 lbs.

"Turritella agate"

Wamsutter, WY

Elimia tenera, freshwater pleurocerid snails (Eocene Green River Fm.) in black calcite-agate (ask about slabs)

$2.50 /lb. 20 lbs.

Questions? E-mail me!

Email (this is NOT my email address, this is here for the SPAMbots. Click E-mail me! above to email me).

Please note: I have a minimum order of $25 before S&H charges

Go the the Order Form to order some stuff! (Minimum order of $25.00 w/o S&H; S&H minimum of $2.50 )

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